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Carnotaurus just brought to my attention something that popped up on Command&Conquer Den. It would appear that another teaser for Red Alert 3 has surfaced. Is it for real or just another fake? I think everyone should look at it themselves and decide. Also if you have anymore info on this then please share it.

More news, so I'm editing it in...
QUOTE ("Lion at CnC Den")
On the official C&C3 WEBSITE there is a 'teaser' image that's counting down to February 14th, which is Valentine's Day. On February 14th, PCGuru Magazine's latest edition will be coming out with a 10-page spread for Red Alert3. That info is coming from several sources now. One of those sources is in a previous news post, and another is from an email I received after posting the first news. Of course, nothing is official yet.

We'll just have to wait until February 14th to see if this all holds true.

**Now I know this site covers strictly the Tiberian Series. However, I don't think it would hurt to tell of any other possible Command and Conquer game that we might see in the future. **
great, now turn this back into TIBERIUMweb.
Nod Strike
Three games in one development at the same time?
Blargh argh. This is sickening. f*cking EA, make C&C4. I can't beleive the horse sh*t EA has called Red Alert 3....
Nod Strike
Do you hate or like EA? unsure.gif
Wow. I hope it'll be an O.K. game. CnC3 left some things to be desired, so I hope they will greatly improve before this comes out.

Oh, Kane was in the Red Alert series? It had to be the first game. I had no clue... Why wasn't there any Tiberium in it? Lets hope there is some in Red Alert 3 then.

EDIT: If there was Kane in it, why weren't GDI and Nod part of the series, seeing as they were both fighting for the world, not just countries like the Allies and Soviets were? They should be in CnC3. dance.gif
Scorch I can only suggest you play RA1 and RA2 and all the other CnC games in order to grasp the story lines better. I would also search and find Bittah's and some others' theories/findings on in-depth thoughts on the story lines and how they might all be linked.
I doubt there will be tiberium in RA3 though if they found a way to link RA3 and RA2 to the other games that would kinda be cool.

BTW Banshee has shown more news about it. He has some screen shots over there and also a little bit about the story line and the factions.

The factions if you haven't heard yet are of course Allies and Soviets but no Yuri for obvious reasons. Instead the 3rd faction is...Japan! Which is a very logical faction side IMO.

QUOTE ("Nod Strike")
Do you hate or like EA?

ya know I don't even think carno knows his opinion on EA lol.gif
all I know is that he likes to bitch about things too much.

@ Chiel....yes I know it is TIBERIUMweb but you never know...they might somehow link RA3 back to the Tiberian universe wink1.gif (doubtful but still) Plus why not make a news post about another future CnC game?
Yeah, I played RA1 and 2 a long time ago, so I don't remember much, But I remember seeing someone that looked like Kane in RA1. His name was mentioned in the forums in one of the links so I was just wondering.

When you said I should play the other CnC games, well I have them all. Most I just haven't playes in a looooooong time. RA1 and Tib Dawn wont work because my comp is so new, and RA2 just won't work. Generals was great, and I have TibWars on the 360.
Nod Strike
Well, it was believed Kane had some sort of time machine or dimension jumping thing.

At the end of RA1, Soviet, Kane killed Stalin and resumed control of the Empire with himself and Natalia, a woman working for Stalin. They both knew what would happen in 1995 (Tiberium landing) and was preparing for it. An Empire was a perfect way. Natalia said something like 'Because we both knew what the future holds.'
At that point, Kane shot her in the back and looked at the camera and said.
'Oh, I AM the future.'

The campaign ends at that part, but at the end of TS, in the Nod ending, he walks away from his missile as it launches, looked up and embraces an invisible force. This is believed to be a time machine set on a timer for that exact time, so he could go back in time and control the Empire.

Yeah, it's a little fuzzy, but that's all from memory. Correct any parts that are wrong.
You forgot the most important parts there.

EA said they're seperate universes, and both endings are not canon.

So Tiberium probably won't be in Red Alert, ever. Also, I like EA, but this sh*t debauchery of Red Alert is a joke. C&C3 fit well, but they had to go f*ck Red Alert up, eh? Morons.
QUOTE (Nod Strike @ Feb 13 2008, 07:00 PM) *
Three games in one development at the same time?

That's not uncommon, As far as I remember, when Blizzard announced WoW's first expack they said that they were working on another 3 secret parallel projects. One was SC2, the other was WoW's second expack, and a not yet announced project. Which IMHO might be likely a next Diablo (due to all the Diablo images that have been surfaced at blizzard's main site)

Back on topic:
Dunno what to say I just hope that this is just one big joke, referring to the weird units. But anyways the only thing will get as a RA3 would be a TW/KW total conversion :(.
Also, EA has like two RTS section, and a number of FPS sections too. There are more than likely even more than that...
arrgg not another attempt to remake red alert. No game will ever emulate its awomeness
Hmm, I would love to see a Red Alert 3, especially when Japan's the 3rd faction smile.gif
Sir Modsalot
It's been officially announced by EA. Let's hope they don't screw up with balancing TOO much, I mean enough at least that 1-2 patches can keep us happy, and have bug fixes as well.
QUOTE (Nod Strike @ Feb 14 2008, 04:34 AM) *
Well, it was believed Kane had some sort of time machine or dimension jumping thing.

Actually, it was Stalin who had the time machine. If I remember correctly, there was something about it being destroyed.... Stalin had used it to go back in time, where he killed Hitler, therefor preventing WW2. Because it was stopped, he was able to build up the Soviet empire enough to the point where he could actually take on the world as Hitler would have done.

Wow, I believe this would be the first (Non-Japanese) RTS with a Japanese faction in it! There are the Allies, the Soviets, and the Japanese. But wouldn't the Japanese fall into the Allied category, or are they all alone as they were at the end of WW2? I wonder if we will still be able to choose what country we are in skirmish, like in RA2 where you could choose either France, the U.S., or Germany, and such.
No, it was Albert Einstein who had the time machine, he went back in time to kill Hitler. He managed, but Stalin had built up his military during the time he would have spent fighting Hitler, and used his massive build up to launch full scale invasion of Europe.

Btw, Japan's name is the Empire of the Rising Sun

hey Aro...did you hotlink to those pics from PPM? Or did you upload them directly to tibweb and add them to your post?
If you hotlinked them from PPM then im gonna have to tell you some bad news....Banshee doesn't want people to hotlink images from PPM as it uses up PPM's bandwidth. So if you did hot link those pics, could you remove them and upload them to tibweb?
If they aren't hotlinked, then everything is fine...I just wanted to make sure about that. smile.gif

Anyways, I personally think a new Red Alert game could be good. I mean...they can't f*ck the storyline up too awfully IMO. It shall be interesting to see how this one comes out in the end.
No, Einstein built the time machine for Stalin because he was lied to. Stalin used it, but Einstein only buit it.

BTW: The Allied tank factory looks too much the GDI's one in CnC3.
QUOTE (Scorch @ Feb 14 2008, 10:57 PM) *
No, Einstein built the time machine for Stalin because he was lied to. Stalin used it, but Einstein only buit it.

Scorch in RA1 Einstein built the Chronosphere and used it to remove Hitler like Blackie Chan had said. Stalin did not trick Einstein into building it or at least the games never said that. In fact the opening movie to RA1 shows Einstein and his assistant in the Chronosphere in New Mexico. wink1.gif
If you still insist on saying it was Stalin then go look at The Red Alert Wikipedia Page

I think it best that your refresh your memory and find a way to play the gold ol' RA1 and RA2/YR again somehow. I know I have been playing YR again recently....though Mental Omega keeps being gay and not responding for me. >_> I may have to go back and play some RA1 damn...just thought of something....I might just have to get RA1 for my PSP! ohmy.gif
RA1 isn't on PSP, dude. huh.gif
There is nto a version made for it, but you can play it on the PSP wink1.gif
srsly guys... how in the name of ZEUS' BUTTHOLE, does this even deserve TIBERIUMwebs bandwidth?
cant you just take this to Project Perfect Alert 3?
its getting on my fricken nerves.
Yes, please keep in mind TiberiumWeb will not be covering this game.
Then simply don't read this. It's what I do.

I'm sorry, but I'm sure it was Stalin who had Einstein build the time machine. The Chronosphere wasn't finished until like the 8th mission. Again, I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I haven't played the game in many years. I tried to reinstall it a while ago, but my comp is so new it wont accept the disk. Something like 'you will need windows 9.5 or lower to install this game...' comes up. Is there a way around this?
QUOTE (Python @ Feb 15 2008, 05:27 PM) *
Yes, please keep in mind TiberiumWeb will not be covering this game.

Yea I know that. However, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post news on it, especially since there is a very very slight chance it may have a connection to the Tiberian series. (again very doubtful but ya never is EA and RA1 was technically connected so maybe they will go back to that, we can't be for sure yet.)

And Sorry Chiel but like Scorch said if you don't like it then don't bother with the thread. wink1.gif

Yes Scorch I do believe there is a way around that. However, I myself do not know it as I have RA1 for Playstation. (which BTW there is a way to get all PS1 games on your PSP Carno, so yes I can technically play RA1 and TD on my PSP if I do that tongue.gif )
Mighty BOB!
Frank Klepacki comments on Red Alert 3:
Chris - Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 has just been announced and I have already seen numerous fans clamouring for you to do the soundtrack, can you comment on this?

Frank - The flood gates opened up on my fan mail right after that announcement.
Regarding RA3, I’ve heard about it just as you have, so I’ve not been contacted. Ultimately EA would have to ask Petroglyph to use me on it, and then it would be up to Petroglyph to allow it. If those things align, you better believe I would score that game, no question!

Read the full 15-question Evo-Gamer interview right here!

And Scorch, you can watch all the RA1/RA2/YR/TD/TS cutscenes right here. A quick way to refresh the stories in your mind without needing to install/play the games.

Oh and Ixith, don't apologize for anything.
Thanks, but I still want to play the game. I don't think it would be worth watching the cutscenes without playing the missions.
Btw, any info on the resource-gathering-mechanism? Will gems and ore return?
Scorch I played RA2 myself and I know that Einstein made it for himself (it as in time machine). I think your confused with RA2 Yuri's revenge where the soviets use the time machine which they captured to destroy Yuri.
Nod Strike
Or where Yuri made Enstien build the Yuri superweapon thingy.
CommanderSpartan, there was a time machine and a chronosphere in RA1, too. I think they messed up the timeling cus they built another chronosphere in RA2. Don't ask me why, I don't remember that much, but I KNOW this.

I'm not confused with YR cus' that's the one game I haven't played.
Well still, Einstein didn't make the time machine for Stalin.
I'll stop at this point cus I haven't played it in so long I'm probably wrong, but Einstein did build the second one. But there was another in the first game, so...
BTW, Aro you uploaded one of the pictures twice..

But yeah, this should be talked about on ppm, not here. wink1.gif
As said before, the game could be linked to the Tiberium series. If anyone finds it isn't, this thread will probably be moved somewhere else or just deleted and forgotten.
there is no way in hell i would ever buy RA3. it looks WAY to "out there". besides, N. Korea would be a WAY better third faction. Jim Jong il in control of time. Thats frightening
Eh sorry this is a late post. Actually, EA would only have to do one thing to make me buy the game: Include the Hell March songs!!! Those were the only songs I listened to when I used to play Red Alert 2, and I vaguely remember it on Red Alert 1. I think the RA1 one was better.
Arsenal 121
QUOTE (Scorch @ Feb 15 2008, 05:30 PM) *
Then simply don't read this. It's what I do.

I'm sorry, but I'm sure it was Stalin who had Einstein build the time machine. The Chronosphere wasn't finished until like the 8th mission. Again, I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I haven't played the game in many years. I tried to reinstall it a while ago, but my comp is so new it wont accept the disk. Something like 'you will need windows 9.5 or lower to install this game...' comes up. Is there a way around this?

Okay, I don't f*cking care if someone's already explained it, I just need to get it off my chest...

In 1947, Dr. Albert Einstein developed his time machine in New Mexico for a personal project. He went back in time to Landsberg Prison, 1928, just after Adolf Hitler had been released from prison. Einstein walked up to him and said 'Herr Hitler' to get his attention. In response, Hitler turned to him and replied with 'Yes, what is it? I do not have time' or something like that, I can't remember... Einstein extends his hand and says, 'Yes, I understand.' Now here's where things get real muddy because there's some invocation of the Paradox Equation here and well, yeah... Einstein, upon making physical contact with Hitler, is sent back to his time, Hitler having been erased from the grand scheme of things.

Red Alert, the Great World War II, began because there was no one to keep the Soviets in check. Instead of preventing a war, Einstein only set the events in motion that would cause one.

Case in point why Westwood had this quote in the original game manual:

"War cannot be prevented but rather postponed to the advantages of others." -Nicolo Machiavelli.

Now can we please get back to what's important?

Here... Video link here...
Thanks Arsenal. That vid was all I needed.
The Raven
And the Red Alert Franchise goes even more to hell....
This looks like an updated RA2 in the SAGE engine.
Yeah, no buy from me.
It's what everyone sais before they actually see gameplay. That's how I felt before I saw CnC3, but then I got it.
The Raven
I don't even need to see gameplay, I already hate that RA2 look.
I thought RA2 was too far out there, even though it was fun, it was really messed up.
Just one thing before anyone makes any more of conclusions:

Japan would not be able to become a superpower without the course of World War II. US invested technology to Japan after WWII to maintain Japan's economy. Without WWII never happening, Japan would only be able to utilize sticks and stones against the Alliance and the Soviet Union.
If WWII never happened, Japan never would have surrendered and it's military never would have largely dismantled. What most people don't realize is that Japan would have most likely continued to fight even with the use of the atomic bombs. What Japan feared most was the Soviet Union, and it's massive military might that was built up during the war. The Japanese surrendered when faced with that threat, dubbed Operation August Storm.

The story released so far indicates that the Allies used the time machine to go back in time and defeat the Soviets before they invade Europe. If the Soviets never attacked Japan, and the Allies attacked the Soviets before finishing off Japan (which I think is what is going on here in RA3), then the Empire of the Rising Sun would have continued to build and conquer.

Thats just my theory.
Then it would really suck to be living in China, huh?
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