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Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! As a gift, we've reformed the site and the forums to force it to use the domain. So, hopefully, the site and forums should be fully functional again. Unforutnately, it is not possible to recover the tiberiumweb dot com domain, since it won't be viable to buy it at all, unless whoever owns dismiss it. So, let's get used to our new domain called:

Some images still reference the old domain and I don't have their .psd files to edit them. If someone figures out a way to remove the .com from them, your efforts would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance and enjoy Tiberium Web.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
Team Black
Freakin beautiful!
Woah. So this place actually lives?
Yes, it lives. I just need to do a little tweak to make it at least import some strategic news post to make it look a bit active over the time.
Team Black
Merry Christmas!
Team Black
ninja trollin'
Team Black
Feliz Weinachten ninja.gif
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