We, the Twisted Insurrection team are very pleased to announce that our latest version, Public Beta 4 has been released!

Since the Re-Issue of Public Beta 3, we have been working hard to get more of the essentials out of the way. The changelog is also very large and impressive due-to the short amount of time (In my opinion, at least) since the last release, you can view the changelog here!

Public Beta 4 includes several new campaign missions (A total of 8 GDI Missions and 13 Nod missions (8 and 9 are palceholder maps) so far), several new units and unit images, new additions to our unique soundtrack, new voices, options, several new and improved maps, coding and balance changes, gameplay improvements, tons of lag reduction, the implementation of Naval units (still in heavily testing phases at the moment) and much more!
Public Beta 4 is our most stable version to date as we have eradicated the source of the most common internal errors and hopefully we wont be seeing any more again (or for a long time at best). Online play is now much simpler to commence now too thanks to the new Twisted Insurrection launcher feature similar to the one used by one of our affiliate projects, The Dawn of the Tiberium Age (which we also reccomend you check out if you loved classic Tiberian Dawn!). Sadly as it is still beta, there are still several placeholder images being used, but this will not effect the game-play at all! Pretty soon we hope to get everything finished and finally come out of beta.
One of our new staff members, Henskelion, is working on CGI & FMV's for future Twisted Insurrection releases which will be available as soon as posisble.

If you are new to Twisted Insurrection, check out our website for more information!

Download Twisted Insurrection Public Beta 4 Here!

Note: There will be no Public Beta 5, only patches up to this point thanks to the Launcher feature making this easier. The next release will be Twisted Insurrection 1.0. There will be a big patch update based on Public Feedback around Xmas time, as is our tradition.

Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen. We'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts!