Jon van Caneghem, creator of Might and Magic, has been hired by EALA to head up the Command & Conquer team.
At first this sounds like fairly boring news, but in his interview with Gamasutra, van Caneghem talked about bringing C&C into the "games-as-service" fold, meaning greater connectivity and greater interactivity, but also generally meaning that you keep paying for the game you bought as long as you want to keep playing it.
The interview itself is mainly marketing speak (That's van Caneghem's background much more than development), but we do glean that he plans to bring "social elements" into the games.
Basically, expect more always-online action, and probably paid DLC in Command & Conquer's future. Given van Caneghem's history, and what he says about Command & Conquer's future, you can also probably expect an even greater shift towards RPG elements in the series's future.

For the full interview, check Gamasutra.