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EA released the original Command & Conquer free to download to commemorate C&C's 12th anniversary, but if you downloaded it you may have noticed that there was whole section of instructions on how to actually make it work in Windows XP!
To save you the trouble, and fix a major bug, ASM coder VK has released an unofficial patch to the game.
He calls it 1.05, and it makes C&C compatible with Windows XP, as well as fixing a major bug.

Here is VK's changelog for 1.05:
*Command & Conquer now Windows XP compatible!
*You no longer need to set "Windows 95 compatible mode"
*Included updated THIPX32.DLL file, which fix LAN games support.
*Map border crash no longer happen.

Visit VK's website to download the C&C 1.05 patch

Note that only C&C Gold 1.04 and the TFD version of C&C can be updated to 1.05.
Cool. nice to know. thanks deathray.
i cant seem to get to vk's web site

'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage'
Then download here.

the link is suddenly working now for some strange reason ohh well sods law i suppose
anyone can explain what is the "map border crash"?
The map border crash is a bug affecting TD when a unit reaches a map's border; it caused the game to crash.
There's another fix, that Komfr posted on the EA forum... it fixes a crash related to the Stealth Tank animation.

I made a small patch out of it:

Install this AFTER 1.05 - the 1.05 patch refuses to work if the exe has already been modified.
I have some problems related to network. I had the EA Gold patch, and i installed the patch, but when i press network, it goes back to the main menu...
kjarli you are off topic...

look at the bottom of that page.
It's not really off topic, since that dll was originally included in the 1.05 patch. But VK took it out after the people at PPM made a big riot over him forgetting to credit scorpio9a for the dll.
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