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Posted by: Tore Sep 7 2010, 07:17 PM

CnCNet version 2 just reached open beta. CnCNet v2 is now open for everyone to test!

Main features of CnCNet v2 are:
- Faster speeds
- Command & Conquer support
- Red Alert support
- Tiberian Sun support
- Better routing support
- Linux compatibility

Users of the old CnCNet will have to disable their clients as the old CnCNet client are no longer in use and will not update to the latest version!

To play on CnCNet please read the, as CnCNet v2 is still in beta some problems may occur, you will have to update your files regularly.

To find players join the new CnCNet IRC; Visit and!

Read the rest at

Posted by: Devastator Nov 13 2010, 12:17 AM

At first I could get online in TS and Firestorm.

I followed the steps. Put the wsock.dll in the SUN folder. (I got TFD) That was it. This is what it said whenever i attempted to go online.

And yes I removed all my modifications from the SUN folder.

Posted by: ^Rampastein Nov 13 2010, 08:35 AM

Really, how about actually reading the instructions..

To host a game simply enter the games LAN menu and create a game!

"CnCNet simply makes the C&C network lobby read external IP's instead of LAN IP's".

For me CnCNet has worked perfectly. No messing around with WOLAPI and/or Hamachi anymore smile.gif

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