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Posted by: war450 Jul 18 2007, 09:07 PM

i was wondering are there any decent tutorials on how to get ai working for cnc3 from start to finish.

i have been expirementing with ai in my map alien incursion 2.0 for the past few days trying to implement real ai insted of scripted ai.

i would like some one to explain how cnc3 ai works. huh.gif and yes i have looked around found a few video tutorials that did not help at all.

also i have added a simple base deployment script in my map. but after they deploy they just sit there. roll.gif

Posted by: THE SPLAT Jun 10 2009, 07:39 PM

By real ai I am going out on a limb here and assuming you just mean the normal ai ?
If so its easy just add skirmish players in edit settings and your done.. of course wait youve added a script.. now you'll need to tell the ai to work via a script too.
set ai = true should do the trick.
however still the ai wont be so hot when it comes to the big stuff like engineer rushes... you can make a whole set risk priority and a team build menu of this is built condition sets.. but that would take forever... if ea has troubles making good ai what makes you think you can do better ?- the only advatage you could have is time to script more and think more about what process to have the computer play like..basically make the ai work as you approch the game maybe as how you would play as yourself.. if i did this then ect.. but seriously its more work then its worth.

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