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This is a forum about Command and Conquer, and more specifically, the Tiberium related games. It should not surprise you that the main subjects to talk about are related to these games!

Starting new threads (topics)
If you start a new topic, be sure to post it in the right forum. Read the forum descriptions. If you are not sure about where to post, a moderator can move the thread for you.

Offtopic forums
TiberiumWeb offers several forums for offtopic (not CnC, mods/maps/editing related) discussion. These include the General Forum, Fun Factory and Crap Forum. Again, read the forum descriptions to determine the right place to post. smile.gif

Make valuable posts
Make sure your posts are valuable, and not just 'spam'. If you have criticize something or someone, make sure your criticism is constructive and helpful to the other. Moderators will decide if something is spam or not, and can delete or split spam posts.

Make your posts readable
Write properly. This means your posts have to be readable and understandable. Use interpunction ( , . ! ? ; etc), spell properly, and do not use excessive amounts of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!111, smilies etc. We won't give you warnings for not spelling properly, but we might edit your posts to make them understandable.

Do not double-post.
When you post a second message in the same topic right after your first, this is called a double post. Don't do this. In case you remember something you wanted to add, edit your existing post. Too much double posting is regarded as spam. A new feature in the TiberiumWeb forums, if you make a post within 10 minutes of your first post, the new post's content will just be added to the first post.

Moderators have the right to remove or edit your posts if they feel that's appropriate. They can even give you warnings. If you think a moderator was wrong by taking any of these measures, send a Personal Message to an Administrator.

Warez and other illegal things
We do not support warez. That includes cracks, cd-key's and posting of source codes or any copyrighted material. Mods, while formally illegal, are 'tolerated' of course (and condoned by Electronic Arts), otherwise half of the fun of this forum would be gone wouldn't it. tongue.gif


Respect people as they are
... Afterall, shouldn't you expect the same respect from other people? Every person is different and unique; this means a person cannot be 'less' than any other person. If you disrespect other people, do not expect to gain any respect from them, or from the forum staff. If this is too vague for you, read the following.

Do not post hateful comments. No name calling.

No racistic or sexistic comments
Using words that could be offensive to certain people means that you either do not respect those people, or that you are trying to be cool by making fun of them. Frankly, that makes you the moron, not them. Put simply, racistic or sexistic comments can (and mostly will) result in a warning, suspension, or permanent ban from the Tiberiumweb forums.

No discussions on religion.
Religious matters can be a very sensitive subject for many people. To avoid any problems, it's better not to discuss it at all. This also means, no mention of any god or holy entity, except ofcourse when used in an expression (OMG being the most notorious).


TiberiumWeb doesn't have a very strict limit to how much garbage you can put into your signature, but one general rule applies:
Be respectable! It's rude to make someone wait ten hours for a page to load, and scroll signatures that take up their entire screen.

Signatures are supposed to be short and sweet. They're a way to tell others something about who you are, or what you like.
If you have some giant sig full of quotes of "OMFGBBQZ", it tells people that you're not very mature, and won't get you much respect.
Also, if you have animated gif's as graphics, please be considerate with people's RAM and keep them smaller than 750 kb.

Other things are obvious - follow the forum rules: Keep it clean, don't be offensive, and everything else we'd want to support on this site.
Remember also, that not everyone's running on the same resolution as you. Even if you're sig looks small on your 1920x1200 what-not LCD screen, it could still be pretty big on others peoples' computers..

If you have a list of links, or a poem or something with lots of text, please make it as horizontal as possible.

Teh uber mod
Visceroid Railgunz map WIP

Projects: Teh uber mod, Visceroid Railgunz map WIP, Mammoth MK. LXXVI

Aim to have it around 200 pixels tall, and absolutely no taller than 250 px . Width should be no wider than 600 pixels.
(you can use the picture below as a 'scale' to measure your sig wink1.gif )
600x250 really provides plenty of space to put things, there should be no reason for you to go over the limit.

Sig spam is very annoying. If your sig gets too ridiculous, you'll probably get a verbal warning via PM, or if it's really bad, it will be edited/removed by an admin, depending on what they see fit.

If you see a signature that you think is breaking the rules, please hit the 'report' button at the bottom of the member's post. This will send a PM to a moderator, and they'll deal with the issue.
I'm sure we're all pretty respectable people here, so I'm sure everyone will keep their signatures within reasonable limits.


Bots. We've all seen them; they post every now and then.
But it is incredibly simple for you as the user to deal with them.


As for identifying bots, this is very simple.
They advertise things, giving links to commercial sites in their post and signature.
They will be completely offtopic from the forum; THEY DO NOT TALK ABOUT C&C!

If it looks like a topic has absolutely nothing to do with the forum its in, and is advertising commercial websites, it may well be a bot. Just press the 'Report' button, and leave the topic. That's it.

Well, that's it for now. I hope the message is clear: use common sense, be kind and have an open mind when posting on this forum, and you should have a good experience.
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