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Posted by: Nyerguds Jan 1 2010, 01:18 AM

After three months of downtime, this awesome system to play C&C95 is back online! CnCNet, in combination with the C&C95 v1.06b patch, allows up to 6-player online games, all through the game's own LAN system.

The beauty of this system is its simplicity: the only thing the CnCNet application does is make sure the LAN players list in C&C95 is filled with online players instead of local ones - the game itself does all the rest smile.gif

Go check it out, we're having tons of fun smile.gif

Note: To people who still got CnCNet installed, you HAVE to download the new client. The old one's update system doesn't work because the old server is offline.

Posted by: Orac Jan 2 2010, 10:05 AM

Invaluable. Just great.
I love C&C95 biggrin.gif

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